A case of misbehavior against a female IAS officer has emerged in the Saket court complex of the country’s capital Delhi. This incident is of Thursday. A complaint has been registered against a lawyer and his associates in the Saket police station in Delhi on the complaint of the woman IAS officer.

According to the information, in the Saket court of Delhi, the woman IAS officer was molested and misbehaved with. She had come to the court with her husband in connection with a case.

The incident of molestation with the woman IAS also raises questions about the women’s safety by Delhi Police. Despite the claims and measures of the security of Delhi Police, there is not much difference in the situation of women in the capital. The situation is particularly frightening in cases of rape. Even today, cases of rape are three times higher than in 2012. In 2012, 706 cases of rape were registered in the capital. This figure doubled next year, while it was three times in 2014. In the subsequent years, a slight increase-decrease in data was recorded.

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