Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) K Sivan started a press conference in connection with the Gaganaya Mission today. He said that work on this mission continues and this is a big turning point for ISRO. ISRO chief Sivan told that the target of two unmanned space missions has been kept in December 2020 and July 2021. Apart from this, December 2021 has been determined as the time for human mission in space.

After the budget is passed, the work on the training of the crew has begun. In this case, foreign training can also be included. Election of the crew member is being jointly organized by ISRO and IAF. After which they will be given training for two to three years. Rakesh Sharma will also be consulted for this mission. Rakesh Sharma was the first person from India to visit space. But he went under the Soviet space mission. This will be the first opportunity for an Indian to go to space under an Indian agency.

Experts believe that human missions are extremely difficult to work. If it were easy, then today only three countries in the world would not have succeeded, but there would have been other countries in this list. Apart from this,ISRO will also have to plan what astronaut will do in space and what will they eat.

Along with this, preparations will also be made for the return of astronauts. ISRO says that the return of astronauts will be in the Arabian Sea. It can be difficult to do this, but for this, ISRO is preparing for the best.

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