People are surprised to see millions of dead fish in a river in Australia. People here have suddenly seen a constant rise in dead fishes on the Darling River in the last few days. It is being told that the number of fishes that are dying is so much that the whole river looks white. The fishes in such a large number of deaths have occurred in the last few days. The local administration released the warning on Tuesday.

According to the information, the area where the death of fish has been reported is passing through a gruesome drought. This area is located in the southeastern edge of the city of Menindee. Scientists have feared that fish have died due to less water in the river and the amount of oxygen in the water is very low.

In the situation in New South Wales, the departmental inspector of the Australian primary industry visited the area and found millions of dead fish in the river. After that, visiting the Darling River, other officials found that the fish have died on a large scale and those who are alive are not well.

The river inspection officer told the media that the fish are dying due to the increase in heat in the area and the amount of oxygen in the water is decreasing rapidly. The state’s Minister of Water also visited Darling River and told the media that the government has no option to deal with this calamity. He said that this is not a problem about which we should say that there is no money, but it is a problem which has no solution. In the rivers, an aerator can be applied, but it is a temporary solution.

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