Nearly two-and-a-half lakh employees in the state connected with the Officers Staff Teacher Coordination Committee are on a mass strike today. None of the officials reached Dehradun RTO office till 10.30 on Thursday. People outside of the premises are who came for work, doing driving license, doing taxation tax, doing vehicle fitness for registration, had to return empty handed.
Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat directed the ACS personnel Radha Raturi to meet the demands of the employees. On Wednesday morning, the Coordination Committee delegation discussed with the ACS. ACS Radha Raturi said that the government is serious about the demands of employees. Finance Minister Prakash Pant has been authorized by the Chief Minister regarding his demands.

The officers will also be included in the meeting of the minister

The officials of all concerned departments have also been called in the meeting chaired by Finance Minister on Thursday. Officers of the coordination committee will be present in the meeting. The Government also appealed to the employees to evade collective leave.

Employees of essential services will not take leave

The Coordination Committee met shortly after the talks with ACS Radha Raturi. It was decided in the meeting that the collective leave will continue as usual. Employees connected directly to drinking water, power supply, patient treatment, vehicle operations of roadways will not be involved in group holidays. All the remaining staff will collectively collect at parade ground. The Convenor Division will prepare the next strategy while reviewing the decision in talks with the Finance Minister.

Remuneration for employees on leave

Accepting a tough stance on the staff movement, the government has decided to cut the salaries of all the employees who have gone on leave. On Wednesday, on behalf of Finance Secretary Amit Negi, the Director Treasury has been instructed that on January 31, all employees staying on leave, including the nineteen, contractual and PRD employees, should be paid their wages only after verification. The Finance Secretary has said that the system of No Work No Pay is strictly adhered to.

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