With the help of science and technology, people have reached the moon, they are building houses in the sea, so now that day is not far away, people can enjoy speed even in the sea. In this direction, Norway is going to build floating tunnel within the sea soon. The goal of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, a government organization working on the project, is to complete its construction by 2050. If this tunnel is ready then it will not be less than any wonder.

Two tunnels will be built in this project prepared by concrete. Established in depth of 100 ft, this tunnel will be 205 kilometers long. To control the tunnel, pontoons will be drawn on the surface of the water. There will be enough distance between these bridges so that sea ships can pass through them. This tunnel will be so strong that it will be weather resistant. Its construction will cost forty billion dollars.

If Norway succeeds in this project, then it will become the world’s first such tunnel. China, South Korea, Italy and Indonesia are also working on such type of project.

Motive behind the ambitious project

Situated in West Norway, the journey between two cities named Kristiansand and Trondheim is part of the E39 Route, which is an important route to Norway. The purpose of the tunnel is to connect these two cities. The distance between them is about 1100 kilometers, which takes 21 hours to drive. But after the tunnel is formed, only a few hour long drive distance would be left.

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