The British Parliament has dismissed the Brexit Deal with an overwhelming majority. Under the Brexit deal, Britain is planning to separate from the European Union. 432 MPs dismissed this bill by British Prime Minister Theresa May. However, 202 MPs have supported the bill. Leader of the Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament, Jeremy Corbin, has extended a no confidence motion against the government on Wednesday.

The interesting fact is that in the voting of this bill, several MPs of the Prime Minister were also in protest. 118 members of the Conservative Party of Theresa voted against the bill in collaboration with the opposition camp.

The Prime Minister has appealed in Parliament that this Bill should be supported for the good of the British, but her appeal has not come and Parliamentarians rejected it by majority.

As the bill goes down, concerns have been drawn in the UK, since the last date for withdrawal from the European Union is March 29, and the bill has been rejected in January. However, the bill can be extended by June 30, but it can not be avoided for more months as it is difficult to reapply.

Theresa May says that the proposed deal by them (better way to do away with EU, rules and regulations) is better for the country. It is not clear if this deal is rejected then what will happen next.

Last month, she said that she hopes that people will understand that when they say that if this deal is not passed then there is a possibility of serious problems. Although they are confident that this will not happen. She said, “Due to the risk of not being a transit or leaving the EU without any agreement, the meaning of the uncertainty will be very large for the country.”

There was also news in the middle that voting can be avoided on the Brexit bill for a few days, but it did not happen and it was voted on in Parliament.
Significantly, in the UK’s referendum, people stamped their country’s exit from the European Union. In November, Britain agreed on the deal deal, but it still remains to be passed by Parliament.

The Prime Minister has been warning the MPs that if this bill is not passed on time then the whole country can be in trouble. It was also pointed out that it is possible that Britain should fall for a new election. Although MPs did not care about their concerns and voted against the bill.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has also supported Brexit Bill. They believe that the country will leave the European Union and will be associated with the single market. At present, Britain’s entire market and economy is linked to Europe. This is what impacts the economy of other countries in Europe, its impact also appears on the UK.

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