News regarding people losing jobs to Robots working on artificial intelligence is not unheard of. But the robot is eventually a machine. There is no substitute for wisdom from human nature. Robot’s artificial intelligence in a hotel in Japan was not of any use and they had to lose their job. The hotel had to hire the humans again on Robot’s place.
On the Q-Shi island of Japan, ‘Henn Na’ Hotel has removed 123 of the 243 robots employed. These robots were creating difficulties for the customers coming to the hotel rather than making it easier. These robots were neither able to answer their simple questions nor were they able to let the guests sleep in peace in their room.

The special thing about Hotel Henn Na is that the customers reaching out here are all looked after by 243 Robots from check-in to check-out. Robots that have been removed from work also include doll-shaped assistants.

These robots named Churi were kept in every room of the hotel, thinking that they could answer the guests’ questions about the local place. When asked if ‘theme park opens’ then they did not have the correct answer.

If the guests who were in the hotel room started snoring in deep sleep, then the robot did not let them sleep till the guests themselves responded by hearing the sound of their snoring. This caused the customers to get angry.

Apart from this, two robots looking like dinosaurs were removed, which were kept at the hotel check-in. They could not even take out a photocopy of passport or other documents of the guest.

Two robots were placed to deliver the luggage of the guest, but they could only reach 24 rooms out of 100 of the hotel. In addition to rain or snowfall, they were switched off.

The hotel’s main concierge robot did not even have the right answer. It has now been replaced by a human.
“These robots were not just kept for collecting attention, but our efforts were to make a lot of use of technology,” said director of Hotel Hen Na, “We reduced the cost of the hotel to just Rs 5,600 We are providing accommodation and food facilities to people, while in other hotels it has to pay two or three times more bills but now we have understood the needs of the customers. The robot has been removed from the work which was causing problems for customers. “

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