The first smart parking in Doon has started working in 22 places from clock tower to canal road. Average response was received on the first day. Many people also booked parking through parking app. Such people were allotted parking space on priority basis. There were also many people, who paid parking fees  without fuss. Many people are happy with the parking system. They expressed the hope that at least they have the satisfaction of paying their fees that their vehicle is safe.

Parking started at 22 locations: MDDA has marked 27 parking points totaling from Clock tower to Silver City Mall. On 22 of these places parking was available on Monday. The employees of the Doon Smart Parking are seen from the morning on the streets to park people’s vehicles. Employees said that our responsibility is to park the vehicles inside the White Line so that the roads do not get congested. Special attention is on vehicles parked arbitrarily. An employee posted outside Gandhi Park parking said that if the car is stolen from the parking lot then it will be the responsibility of the company. However, if someone leaves the vehicle open then the company will not be responsible.

Relieving two-wheelers on the first day

On the first day, employees did not charge two-wheelers outside Gandhi Park, but warned that in future parking charges would be charged at the rate of 20 rupees per hour. Car drivers are being charged 30 rupees per hour.

Jam at Clock tower

Due to smart parking, there was a jam around the clock tower. Due to the parking of vehicles till the White Line, the traffic coming from Chakrata Road snowballed into a traffic jam. At four o’clock in the evening,there was traffic jam around clock tower.

Download app

The smart parking app can be downloaded from your mobile’s Play Store. After downloading the app from the Play Store, first the mobile number must be registered. After that the OTP will come in the mobile number. That OTP has to be put in the app. After this you’ll be registered on the app.

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