The journey by supersonic aircraft can resume soon. The aircraft maker Boom Supersonic has named its new Mac 2.2 aircraft ‘Overture’ a.k.a ”Son if Concorde. The company has announced that the aircraft will fly by the end of this year. Apart from this, its half-size prototype, which is named XB-1, will already be available to the world. According to Boom Supersonic, it is about investing US $ 100 million to build this aircraft.

Specialty of aircraft

Overture will be a 55-seater aircraft. This aircraft will be able to fly at twice the speed of the sound. The aircraft will be able to fly up to 8336.4 km at a time. This aircraft will complete the distance from London to New York in three hours and fifty minutes. It will complete 5,585 kilometers of air distance in less than half. At present, aircraft take more than eight hours to travel between London and New York. Steve Jobs’s wife, Lauren Powell Jobs’s wife also invested in this project.

Air fare not to be skyhigh

The fare of this aircraft will not be too much. In order to travel in it, you have to spend as much money as you have to spend for business class tickets. In this way, these aircraft will not prove to be burdensome on air pockets for air travelers. Due to low prices, it is possible for air travelers to travel in supersonic cruises. The aim of the company is to make available all-round air travel to everyone. Overture aircraft is less noise than its predecessor Concorde. This three-engine plane makes 30% less noise than another Sonic planes.

Remembrance of Concorde

Earlier, the Concorde was a supersonic passenger plane. The Concorde was providing its service till 27 years after joining the service in 1976. Concorde was prepared by UK and France together This aircraft could fly with the speed of sound. Concorde could cover the journey of 2,180 kilometers in one hour. In this aircraft 92 to 128 passengers could travel at a time. Concorde was the victim of accident only once during his 27 years of service. On July 25, 2000 aircraft crashed during the flight of Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris to New York. More than 100 people died in this accident. After this, with the recession in the non-aircraft sector, Concorde ceased its service in 2003.

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