If you want to make international air travel in less money, then your dream can become reality soon. According to sources, the government can soon add foreign destinations under the UDAN scheme. The government launched the UDAN, the ‘Common Citizen of the Flying Country’ scheme in 2016, and its purpose was to connect the common people with air travel. Initially, small towns were included in this and after the subsidy, the maximum fare of the ticket was fixed at Rs 2500. Now the government is working on the UDAN-3 plan, which will include the international route.

Which Routes Will Be Included?

According to sources, the government has received more than 100 proposals for the third phase of the flight scheme. In this episode first Assam can be connected with the international flight of Bangkok, Thailand and Kathmandu. Similarly Bihar State Airport can be extended to Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Under the UDAN plan, the Assam government can give a discount of Rs 2,370 and Rs 4,400 on certain scheduled seats on Guwahati-Dhaka and Guwahati-Bangkok routes. The international flights will be operated under the flight scheme, not by the Central Government. For the third phase of the flight, 15 airlines have bid for 111 routes. Of this, SpiceJet has 37 and Indigo has made bids for 20 routes.

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