Tata Motors has decided to shut down its popular car Nano. The company has announced that the Nano will be officially closed in the future. The production and sales of this popular budget hatch will be closed from April 2020. According to reports, the company is no longer ready to invest more on this car. This budget car was Ratan Tata’s dream car. It was the world’s most economical car.

However, there is no plan to update Tata Motors’ Nano engine to BS-VI emission norms which are going to be compulsory from April 2020. This information has been shared by Tata Motors’ Passenger Vehicle Business Unit President Mayank Pareek.

Mayank said in his statement that the Nano is prepared in their Gujarat Sanand plant. New Safety Norms have arrived in January Some newer norms will come in April and again in October some new safety norms will come. After this, the BS-VI Emission Norms will be unilaterally implemented from 1st April 2020. Thus, all products can not be updated in the BS-VI emission norms and “we can not even invest to upgrade all the products. Nano is one of these.”

Some time ago there were such reports that the car is being shut down due to the low sale of Tata Nano. Although the car was still being made available to the desired customers on order-to-order basis. Due to emotional involvement with the project in the initial period, the company has given its best to continue production for a long time.

However, after a decade of launch of Tata Nano in January 2008, the production of this car is now finally being discontinued. Tata Motors told that updating all existing products to BS-VI norms is quite challenging. Mayank Pareek further said that “we currently have 5 or 6 products which we will update them. This is a big challenge for the industry. “BS-IV stock will be terminated by April 1, 2020.

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