Blistering cold winds from the snowy region of the North Pole has led to snowfall in 12 states in United States. This has led to temperature being much colder in America than in Antarctica. In many parts of the US, the temperature has dropped to minus 32 degrees. The Meteorological Department has said that in these states, the coldest winter of this generation is going to fall.

The effect of the deadly winter on millions of people. Schools have been closed. Thousands of flights and dozens of train services have been canceled. Companies have asked their employees to stay at home. The worst winter winters in the US have been in Chicago. The river here is frozen. Four people have died since the cold. The weather has reduced the world’s largest economy to a great extent.

Minus 32 degrees temperature in Chicago

The temperature in Chicago was recorded 32 degrees Celsius below zero on Wednesday. Chicago is colder than places in Antarctica. Antarctica’s Priestley Glacier at minus 27 degrees Celsius was recorded on Wednesday only, which is less than Chicago.

Temperature can reach drop to -70 degrees

The US Meteorological Department has issued a warning of temperatures reaching of -70 degrees. Paroling officers are calling it America’s historical cold.

  • More than 2700 flights have been canceled in the US
  • 1500 flights have been canceled in Chicago itself
  • Postal services in 6 states have been closed for the time being
  • 21 million people will feel the temperature below zero less in the coming days of America
  • 8 million people will face temperatures around zero in the coming days of America

Instructions for closing shops

In North Dakota, the police has instructed to close most shops. Although some grocery stores and gas stations have been urged to keep open so people do not have trouble. In the US, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois have declared an emergency due to the cold winter. In addition, there is also a cold winter in Mississippi and Alabama, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri and Montana.

Threat of frostbite

The US Meteorological Department has urged people not to leave the house. Along with this, a warning has been issued to not breathe deeply and talk less. People outdoors can get frostbite within a few minutes. Frostbite is called the condition when the body in the extreme cold starts getting numb. Normally the face, hands and feet are victims of frostbite, the nerves begin to freeze. The color of the limbs falling to frostbite becomes dark blue or black. People may have to cut their hands and feet to save lives.

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