Driving on the wrong road from the side of the road can cause a huge loss to you in the coming days. The Doon Police is preparing to use the tyre killer technique to curb the wrong side  driving. The use of this technology has been successful in many cities of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

After this technology has come into effect, if you drive by the road side, then the tire of your car will be punctured. This technique will be used for the purpose of complying with traffic rules. If you go in the right direction through the road then your car will not be punctured. Police believe that this will make people follow traffic rules and the accidents on roads will be low, hence the use of this technique is being considered. At the moment, this technology will be used at school and colleges around and major intersections.

SSP Nivedita Kukrati said that the use of tire killer technology is being considered for curbing the wrong side driving. SP traffic has been asked to prepare a detailed report on this.

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