The Uttarakhand government, after taking the first step taken by the exclusion of the employees’ organizations, has directed the Head of Departments not to accept any leave on 31st January and 4th February. On the other hand, in the order of pre-order of the High Court from the District Magistrates and the Heads of the departments, the report of the steps taken so far has been sought till Tuesday. Additional Chief Secretary Radha Rathuri has ordered this. The government has taken these steps due to the boycott of employee-teachers. It has been said in the order that the employees’ organization often goes on the action of boycott for their demands, so the general public has to face the problem. There is a delay in government schemes as well. It has been said in the order that the strike of personnel is also banned under the State Employee Practices Rules, therefore, do not grant leave to anyone on the day of the proposed movements of the head office staff organizations.

On the other hand, the Department of Personnel and Vigilance has also asked for a compliance report in order to curb the high court strikes on August 18 in a PIL. All the Chief Secretaries, Secretaries, Commissioners, District Officers and Head of the departments were sent circulars and sought the details of the steps taken so far in compliance with the order of the High Court. The High Court has also constituted a Committee on the demands of the employees as well as the implementation of the ESMA on the striking employees, the cancellation of the recognition of such employees’ organizations, enforcement of No work no-pay and penalty for the officials of the association.

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