Dehradun’s Siddharth Negi, who was nicknamed ‘Golden Boy’ in the Air Force, was suddenly killed on his birthday on Friday. During a flight in Bangalore, his plane crashed at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Airport yesterday.

Sunil Negi, the neighbor of the squadron leader Siddharth Negi, said that it was also his birthday. In the morning, father Balbir Negi, greeted Siddharth. He had longed for his long life. Soon after this, an accident happened at around 10:30 AM and Siddharth died. Seeing this, the joy of birthday, turned into sorrow. Siddharth’s father is retired from the police department.

His fellow pilot also died in the accident. As soon as this news reached his Panditwadi residence, there was a gloom in the entire neighborhood. His father Balbir Singh Negi, mother and other relatives have reached Bangalore late evening last night.

Panditwadi resident Balbir Singh Negi is a senior administrative officer at the graphic Era University. They have a son Siddharth Negi and a daughter. Siddharth Negi passed 12th from Seven Oaks School and 12th from KV FRI. After that he was selected in the NDA. In June 2009, he passed out from the Air Force Academy.

Given his talent in training, he became known as Golden Boy. About two years ago Siddhartha was married to Dhruvika. Dhruvika is also an officer in the Air Force and posted in Bangalore. Squadron Leader Siddharth Negi in Air Force Mirage -2000 trainer aircraft was flying in Bangalore on Friday. During this time, his plane crashed at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Airport.

Siddharth’s father Balbir Singh Negi, along with other relatives, has arrived in Bangalore from the late evening. Their relatives have come to know that the final rites of Squadron Leader Siddhartha will be done on Saturday (Bangalore). Siddharth’s friends said that he was very fond of high flying. He came home on Diwali.

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