The states of New York and California will go to court against the announcement of the National Emergency on the issue of building a wall along the Mexican border by US President Donald Trump. California Governor Gavin Newsom said after the announcement of Trump that President Trump is creating crisis and proclaiming a national emergency to capture power and overturn the constitution. This emergency is a national insult and only the president is the accused for this.

New York and California attorney general Xavier Becerra in a press conference in Sacramento, California’s capital, said that they would go to court. Newsom said that Trump is not the supreme authority, but rather the supreme court. The New York State Democratic Attorney General Letitia James said that “Trump will not be allowed to abuse the power. We will challenge his decision in the court. ” At the same time, Trump hopes that his concerns related to security of USA will be heard in the court.

Mexico wall project requires billions of dollars

After announcing an emergency, Trump will be able to use billions of dollars to build a wall along the Mexican border. Trump decided to declare an emergency after the Congress refused to pay for the wall. After applying the emergency, Trump can get up to $ 8 billion from government treasury, which can be applied to the wall project.

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