After five days of the next month the government finally released the salary of the state employees. However, the salary has been released for 30 days. Payments of 31st January will be issued only after the presence of the departments becomes clear. On the one hand, the Uttarakhand official-employee-teacher coordination committee termed it a disappointment when one day’s salary was stopped.

The committee called it a violation of the assurances given in the talks with the Finance Minister. With the non-payment of one day’s salary to the personnel, if the other pending demands are not resolved, it has been decided to run agitative program from 12. After 24th, the Maharally and the indefinite strike have also been warned.

Given the emergency meeting of the Uttarakhand Officer-Staff-Teachers Co-ordination Committee, the government had given assurance of issuing the employees’ salaries every day. When the salary reached in the employees’ account, it was found that one day’s salary for all the employees was deducted. Whether or not they had been involved in a group leave program.

The coordination committee meeting was held after this stand of the government. The speakers mentioned the meeting with Finance Minister Prakash Pant on January 31, under which it was clarified that the harassment of employees would not be done. Speakers have linked this to one day’s wages to be stopped.

After the meeting, a letter was sent to the Chief Minister on behalf of the committee, in which the request has been made to direct the officers to release the salary of the employees. The agitation program has also been issued for the non-completion of pending demands. Under this, on 12th and 13th of February, the staff will work with a black band- a symbolic protest. On February 15 evening candle march will be carried out. On February 24, the memorandum will be dispatched to the Chief Minister through the district officials. After this, decisions will be taken regarding the Maharally and the indefinite strike.

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