In Noida’s Metro Heart hospital there was a fierce fire on Thursday afternoon. This hospital is located in Noida’s Sector 12. Fire brigades have reached the spot after the firefighters have begun rescue work. After the fire, people and patients were thrown out by breaking the glass of hospital. During the fire, more than two dozen patients were stranded in the hospital. However, they were later taken out. The reason for the fire has not been detected yet. The fire first broke out in the ICU.

The fire in the hospital was so severe that people threw themselves out of windows by hanging the glass and hanging out the rope. More than 20 people were stranded in the hospital, including Emergency and ICU recruitment patients. Patients present in the hospital are now being shifted to Sector 11 after the incident. There is also a branch of Metro Hospital in Sector 11.

The fire extinguishers present in the hospital were not working. In such cases, there are big questions once again on the administration of the hospital. There is so much smoke in the hospital that the patients were also having difficulty in breathe.

Noida fire officer Arunvir Singh says that the fire has been suppressed, all the stranded people have been taken out. He said that now only the smoke engulfs the hospital. They claim that nearly 3 dozen people have been evacuated, though the search operation is still in progress. No patient has been injured during the incident.

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