If you send an image file to someone on WhatsApp then its quality gets worse due to image compression. Many times it happens that we have to send a good quality image to someone, but the quality of the image gets deteriorated after sending the image through WhatsApp. To overcome this problem, you could try the following  two ways to send a good quality image on WhatsApp.

First Method

  • Navigate to the image you want to send in your smartphone’s file manager.
  • After this, you can convert this file from .jpg (image format) to .doc (document file format).
  • After converting, you can go to WhatsApp and select the contact you want to send the image to.
  • After that go from the chat sender option and tap on the icon with the pin (Attachment icon).
  • Now you navigate to your converted file and tap the send button.
  • Ask those who will be receiving the image receipt to re-convert this .doc (document file format) to .jpg (image format).

By doing so, the quality of the image you send will not be lost.

Second method

The first step is a little longer process, if you do not like the first method, then you can send your image file to someone else without spoiling it in another way.

  • For this, first you need to download the third party app to zip the file size by visiting Google Play Store.
  • After this, zip the image or images you want to send.
  • Now go from the option to send the chat and tap on the icon with the pin (Attachment icon).
  • Select the zip file and send it by tapping on the send button.
  • Ask the receiver to unzip the file you have sent.

After unzipping, the image will be received by the user sent will retain its original quality.

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