India has made a big decision to teach a lesson to Pakistan. Now under the Indus Water Treaty, the water of the rivers flowing through India into Pakistan will be diverted. This water will be used for Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. So far, India was showing generosity and allowed the water to flow towards Pakistan.

Union Water Resources and Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted on Thursday that the government has decided to stop the water from our part from going to Pakistan. Under this, water of eastern rivers- Ravi, Beas and Sutlej will be diverted. The water being given to Pakistan, with the help of the three projects built on these rivers, will now be flown in the rivers of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.


Gadkari said that for this, the construction work of a project on Ravi river in Shahpur-Kandi of Jammu and Kashmir has begun. Apart from this, the water of Ravi river will be stored in J & K with the help of another project and extra water of this dam will be flown in other states.

Earlier on Tuesday in a program in Baghpat, Gadkari had said, “After partition, India and Pakistan got permission for the use of water of three rivers each. Despite this agreement, water of three rivers which came to India’s quota was flowing in Pakistan till now. Now we have created projects on these three rivers, with the help of which water will be stopped now. Yamuna water can also be increased after this work begins.”

The Indus Water Treaty Barrier

The Indus Water Treaty can be a hindrance to stop water going to Pakistan. Because the waters of the three rivers coming in India’s administration cannot be stopped under the Indus Water Treaty. This agreement was effective even during the earlier India-Pakistan wars.

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