Rattled by the air strikes, Pakistan Air Force tried a failed attempt to enter the LoC. But during this struggle, an Indian Air Force Wing Commander is stuck in the clutches of Pakistan, on whom pictures of oppression are also being revealed. Video of assault and indecency with the pilot in the social media has been released, which has been opposed by the Indian government.


The Indian government has said that Pakistan has violated the Geneva Convention by releasing a video of Indian soldier. By summoning Pakistan’s acting high commissioner in India, India has explicitly warned Pakistan that in its custody, there should not be any harm to the Indian soldier. At the same time, India has hoped that the young officer is to returned soon.

Earlier, Ministry of External Affairs told that an Air Force and a pilot of Indian Air Force is missing. Pakistan has said that the pilot is in its custody. In addition, a video of the assault with the pilot has also been released on social media, on which India has expressed strong objection.

What the Foreign Ministry said to the caretaker high commissioner of Pakistan

Calling the caretaker high commissioner of Pakistan, the Foreign Ministry has lodged a protest against the deeds by Pakistan on Wednesday in a strict tone. The ministry has told them that Pakistan has targeted Indian military bases violating Indian air space.

India has told Pakistan behind its opposition that the Indian Air Force had conducted a non-military operation against terror in Balakot, in response to which Pakistan has targeted Indian military bases, which are against the rules.

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