There is a lot of evidence in the investigation against the IRS (Indian Revenue Service) officer Dr. Shwetabh Suman, in connection with corruption and income by the CBI. According to the CBI, in eight years Suman’s property income increased by more than 337 percent.

After getting the complaint from the CBI, taking action against Suman, on 14th August, 2005, 14 teams were constituted and conducted raids in Dehradun, Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Noida, Delhi etc. among the cities. In an investigation conducted in the period from April 1, 1997 to March 31, 2004, the CBI came to know that he has purchased 55 bigha land in his name in the name of a close friend of Dehradun.

Had properties in the name of relatives

Shewtabh bought flat plot, house, car in Noida, Jamshedpur and Lucknow In the name of hismother. Even in Bodhgaya, Shwethabh has built a hotel named after his brother-in-law Arun Singh. According to the CBI, it was revealed in the investigation that by questioning some people, the names of close relatives and relatives were obtained.

If these properties were evaluated by several finance experts, it would have been worth about Rs 3.14 crore. Based on this basis, the property is 337% more than the income in this (eight years) period. The CBI questioned all those who had met with Shwetabh.

40 page chargesheet filed

After this, the CBI has included Shwetabh’s wife Gulab Devi, brother-in-law Arun Kumar Singh, friends and aide Rajendra Vikram Singh, Rajul Agrawal and Vinay Kumar. CBI has filed a chargesheet in the IPC 109 (incitement of crime) and 40 pages under the Prevention of Corruption Act against the accused in Section 13 and 11 of the Prevention of Corruption Act against Shwetabh Suman in 2010.

During the trial, the accused Rajul Aggarwal and Vinay Kumar were killed. In March 2017, a regular hearing was conducted on the order of the High Court Nainital. During this time, 255 witnesses and 1200 documentary evidence were presented by the prosecution. After hearing all these witnesses and observing the evidence, the court announced the sentence on Wednesday.

Challenged Union Finance Minister permission six times

To escape the corruption of property and income from more property, Shwetabh had adopted several tactics. He also challenged the approval of the then Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee from the lower court to the high court. Nevertheless, he did not succeed.

The CBI had sought permission from the then Union Finance Minister to file a charge sheet against Shwetabh. On January 23, 2010, the Finance Minister gave the CBI green signal. In order to challenge this permission Suman went to the High Court (Nainital) in 2011, but there was no relief from it. After that, he did not go to the Supreme Court and challenged in the lower court in 2012. But, the permission was also justified there.

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