Israel successfully launched its first privately funded spacecraft from Florida in the US on Friday. Along with that, it has become the fourth country to land on the Moon. NASA said that the Lander ‘Beresheet’ was launched at the ‘SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket’ from Cape Carnival Air Force Station on Thursday at 5.45 pm.

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine said, ‘Best wishes to SpaceIL’ and ‘Israel Space Agency’. This is a historic step for all countries and business areas because we are working to increase the collaboration of the Earth’s lower orbit and beyond the moon. “The $ 10 million project ‘Beresheet’ was developed by Israel’s nonprofit organization and its partners.

In July 2018, the head of NASA had entered into an agreement with the ‘Israeli Space Agency’ (ISA) for the ‘SpaceIL’ on the mission. Under this, SpaceIL will send NASA scientific data from the spacecraft magnetometer to study that the first magnetic field in the Moon’s rocks was there. Bridenstine said, “In July I was in Israel and was very impressed by its commitment to spread its role in the global space community.”

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