During the last few days in Tamil Nadu, the raid being carried out by tax authorities  on three companies,is nothing short of a scene from a movie script. But what happened here was not the story of the film but in real life. From the manipulation of money, removing records from the computer and hiding money in a delivery van and moving around in the city and later to hide it in a cemetery, so that no one can know anything, all these incidents were seen during this time.

Simultaneous raid in 72 places

In the last week of January, the Income Tax Department had raided around 72 offices in the famous Saravana store, Lotus Group and GS Square in Tamil Nadu. This raid was killed in Chennai and Coimbatore. In order to hide money, diamonds and jewelry, the owners of these three companies hid a handful of things in a cemetery.

433 crore worth of treasure dug up

On January 28, the department did not get much in the raids. This is because the news of the raid of companies had already been leaked by some police officers. After getting the information of the raid, the staff of the three companies started hiding most of the money, gold and diamonds in an SUV and running on the streets of Chennai. The total price of this car was around Rs 433 crore.

Black money and jewels stashed in cemetery

After the raids by the income tax authorities, it was reported that a car is constantly circling on the streets of Chennai and there is a lot of black money and jewellery. When this vehicle was found with the help of police, there was nothing in it. However, after a strict inquiry, the driver told the matter of concealing many sacks in a graveyard.

After this, the income tax authorities started digging on the driver’s note in the said graveyard. In the excavation, they recovered nearly 25 crores cash, 12 kg of gold and 626 carat diamonds.

Operation ended after nine days

The operation started on January 28 and ended 9 days later. After the operation is over, the income tax authorities are currently taking the help of IT professional to recover the data deleted from the computer. Owners of these three companies had recently purchased a property of Rs 180 crore through cash.

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