Kangana Ranaut recently expressed her displeasure naming Alia Bhatt and Aamir Khan for lack of support for her latest film. Kangna had said that Celebs are not supporting ‘Manikarnika’. Alia had said that “if Kangana is angry with me then I will apologize to her”. But to Kangana this did not make any difference. In a statement given to Pinkivilla kangana said, “I asked Alia why she felt like Manikarnika was my personal dispute. This is a film about which the whole country is talking about. It is shocking that Bollywood has kept quiet. I ask Alia that if I can be so courageous that I support her then why are she scared to watch my movies?”

Kangna further said, ‘I think she should go ahead and support an important movie. If they do not have their own voice, then they are only being known as Karan Johar’s puppet. In such a way, I can not call them success. I told them if they are focusing only on making money and not voicing their opinion, then their success is of no importance. ‘

What is Kangana angry with Alia and Aamir?

When Kangana did not get the support of ‘Manikarnika’, she said, ‘No one comes in the screening of my movie, but when their turn comes they call me without any shame. Alia had sent me a trailer of Razi and said that please definitely see. After seeing Razi’s trailer, I called Gulzar and Alia, but I did not get any response for my film. Aamir called me for Dangal and secret superstar. But nobody has time for my film. ‘

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