A person on the social media is in the discussion due to his unique movement. Rafael Samuel of Mumbai is planning to take his parents to court for giving him birth without his consent.
A man named Raphael Samuel says that his relationship with his parents is excellent, but still he compares the birth of children to kidnapping and slavery.
27-year-old Raphael is an anti natalist who believes that it is wrong for parents to give birth to their children. Anti-natalism is a kind of ideology that negatively views and opposes it. There have been anti-natalist movements in many countries and now even in India, some people have come to support with the social pressure of having children.

In an interview, Samuel said, “I love my parents and we have a good rapport but they gave me birth for their happiness.”
He says, “My life is also wonderful, but I do not understand why I force another life to grind in the school and career mill, while they do give any application to come into this world.” Samuel says, other people should know that there is an alternative by not having a child and they can ask their parents for reasons to give birth to them.

Samuel also runs a Facebook page named Nihilanand, which has also been followed by many people. She constantly posts on giving birth to children on this Facebook page.
In a photo caption, Samuel wrote, “Parents are hypocrites … Parents keep their children above their own desires and needs … but the child itself is the result of their will”.
Written as a meme on this Facebook page, “if the parents really know what is good for their children … why do they create them?”

In another post he writes, “Is it not like kidnapping and slavery to force the child to come into this world and then to make a career?”
In a second post, he writes, your children are facing trouble, it’s just one reason that you have created them.
Many anti-natal activists argue that the pressure of having children will increase the burden on the earth’s resources and prevent the birth process due to environmental reasons. Another activist Pratima Naik said, “We do not want to impose our arguments on anyone but we want to make people understand why it is not right to create a child in the world right now.”

The same movement is being supported on the page called Child Free India.

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