Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who returned from South Korea after a two days visit, arrived in Tonk, Rajasthan. PM Modi addressed the BJP’s Vijay Sankalp rally here. Here, he paid tributes to those martyred in the Pulwama attack and said that “I express my condolences to the mothers and their families who gave birth to these heroic sons to the grateful nation. He said that along with the whole country, today the whole world stands with you. Most of the country and all the institutions of today are united against the terror attack in Pulwama.”

According to PM Modi, trust the soldiers on the border, on the Modi government and on the blessings of Goddess Bhavani, this time all accounts will be fulfilled. Without taking Pakistan’s name, he said that India is tightening the screws on terrorism across the nation. “Peace is not possible in the world, till the panic factory will continue. The task of locking the factories of terror is written in my destiny, so be it.”

Referring to an incident, PM Modi said that the elections of the heads were not being held there. When I tried, elections were held. The heads there promised me that they will do whatever we ask from them. I requested them that the children’s school should not be burnt in Kashmir. He said, you would be surprised to know that people did not allow any school to burnt down.

Talking about Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, PM Modi said that under the protocol, I congratulated the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. He told them that there was a lot of fighting and nothing was achieved. You have come from a to politics from a world of sports. Come together to fight for poverty and education together. He told me that,” I am a child of Pathan, I am true to my words. Now let’s see how sure they are to their words.”

PM Modi said today that every Indian is with the army of the country, with the feelings of the country, but I regret the handful of people who are speaking the language of Pakistan while living in India. These are the same people who go to Pakistan and say that do anything but remove Modi. Talking about the debt waiver in Rajasthan PM also took pot shots at Congress, he said that according to the promise, the debt waiver of the farmers happened? Whether the big talkers fulfilled their promise. Their way of betraying the farmers of the country, now it has come out completely open. These are the same people who can not show the courage to answer the terrorists after the Mumbai attacks. Such people are neither of the country’s youth nor the farmers of the country.

Targeting Congress, PM Modi said that Congress had come out with debt waiver in 2008, before the elections, they have a debt waiver fever. To say the debt of 50-55 thousand crores was waived. On average, only 20-25 farmers out of 100 were benefited. Inaugurating a new slogan from Tonk rally, PM Modi said that in the last 4 years with the blessing of all, there were many such works on which only discussions were there. Now that these things have landed on the ground, then there is a belief in the country that if Modi is there then it is possible. PM Modi said that our government has implemented the ‘One Rank One Pension’ scheme for years and gave away almost 11 thousand crore rupees to 20 lakh ex-servicemen.

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