In one of the biggest terrorist attack in the Kashmir valley, over 40 CROF jawans lost their lives in Pulwama. After the fidayeen attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama, the Central Government is once again pressured to take action against terrorist camps located in Pakistan. There is news of the death of 40 CRPF martyrs in this cowardly fidayeen attack. After this attack there is an atmosphere of anger throughout the country and everyone is demanding lessons to Pakistan government and terrorists.

After the blast, the movement of ordinary vehicles on the highway from Awantipora to Bijbehara has been stopped.The vehicle targeted by the terrorists was part of the convoy of CRPF jaws coming from Jammu to Srinagar. There were about 40 vehicles in the convoy. When the convoy reached Awantipora (Avantipur) on the Jammu-Srinagar highway in South Kashmir at around three o’clock, suddenly a car burst into the convoy. Suicidal car driver hit a bus of CRPF jaws inside the bus. After this there was a loud explosion and the car started burning on the road. Fire flames started erupting in a part of the bus.

The sound of the blaze filled the entire area and the voices of shouting people crying on the street with the smoke in the sky started coming. When the other vehicles in the convoy stopped immediately and the jawans were coming out of them, the terrorists sitting in position shot bullets on them. The jawans immediately took their positions and counter fired. It is being told that the terrorists escaped from the site. The target of terror attack was the bus of 54th Corps of the CRPF.

In the meantime, the jawans started taking the injured and the dead soldiers to the hospital in a bus destroyed by the explosion surrounding the entire area. The situation was so horrific that many jawans who came in the grip of the blast hadbody parts lying everywhere. Suicidal terrorist Adil Ahmed, is also claimed to be killed. Related officials said that 12 jawans were killed on the spot, while four others succumbed to their injuries while been taken to the hospital. 11 other soldiers were martyred in the hospital. As soon as the explosion was reported, the state police, army and senior officials of the CRPF also reached the spot including their team force.

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