Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced a big news that unemployment allowances will be given to all those who are unemployed in Rajasthan. The government will pay 3500 rupees every month in the account of these unemployed people from March 1. Inaugurating the Student’s Office in Rajasthan University, Ashok Gehlot announced the news among the students.

Gehlot said that “in our manifesto we had said that after coming to power, the unemployment allowance will be given to all the unemployed. Tomorrow is February 1, you start counting from tomorrow and from March 1, we will give 3500 rupees unemployment allowance to all unemployed for 2 years. So far, the unemployed in Rajasthan has been receiving 600 rupees unemployment allowance. Chief Ashok Gehlot said that we had started this 600 rupees too.”

Significantly, before the election, Congress President of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot had promised unemployed that if they came to power, they would give unemployment allowance and a campaign was organized by Youth Congress and NSUI workers to fill the form with unemployed. The BJP was going to the agitation on February 8 on this issue and was constantly asking the government to start the allowance for the unemployed. Responding to this, Secretary Ashok Gehlot said that the government has been in power for just over a month, but from now on we have started fulfilling the promises made in the manifesto, it shows how serious we are to our promises.

4 lakh unemployed registered in 3 months

Although it is not easy for the government to implement this scheme, since the Congress and BJP have promised to give unemployment allowance in the manifesto, after that in the last 3 months about 4 lakh people have registered themselves in the employment office as unemployed. In such a case, for giving employment allowance, the Rajasthan Government already engaged in raising money for farmers’ debt waiver would haveto bear a financial burden.

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