Once again in Pithoragarh district the weather has changed. There is snowfall in the high peaks of Munsiyari. All the regions of the district, including the district headquarters, remained cloudy throughout the day. This has increased the cold.

On Wednesday, the sky was covered with clouds. The people had to face the cold. People had to resort to bonfire due to lack of sunlight in many parts, while in some areas there was little relief from light sunlight. The minimum temperature was minus -1 degrees Celsius in the snowy conditions. Here people are facing more trouble due cold at night. In the adjoining areas with district headquarters, the impact of cold is still there. The minimum temperature was 9 degree Celsius.

The weather here is constantly changing. There is more than two feet of ice deposited in the Khaliya at this time. Many internal areas of the region are also closed due to snowfall. After more snow in the Khaliya, many tourists are reaching there.

Tourists are coming to see Munsiyari snowfall

After continuous snowfall, the tourists are coming in large number. Many tourists from the country are excited about the fresh snowfall. Tourists are also having trouble due to the closure of the road on several occasions. Even after this, the people who are eager to see snowfall have reached here.

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