US President Donald Trump is soon going announce a national emergency in America. Trump will sign an executive order for this. The aim of this emergency is to achieve funding in building the wall on the US-Mexico border. This move of Trump is going to have a big impact on American politics. Now it will be interesting to see how the White House deals with the attacks of the opposition.

Trump to get immense power after emergency

This move of Trump will help in achieving 5.6 billion US Dollars required for building the wall. After the announcement of the Emergency in America, all the powers are vested in the President. The President gets all the financial powers in the emergency. Clearly, the President will not need the support of the Congress for financial support. He will easily get the money for it. Trump is leaving no stone unturned for building a border wall along the Mexican border. Its aim is to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country and curb drug smuggling.

Sanders-“Trump will fulfill the security promise made to the country”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that President Trump will sign this money bill. Prior to this, Trump will sign the National Emergency Ordinance. Sara said that the purpose of this Emergency is to rescue the country from national security and humanitarian crisis. The Press Secretary said that during the presidential election, the promise that Trump had made for the protection of his country has made him remain firm on his resolve. The White House statement came shortly after the Senate Chief Leader Mitch McConnell made the move public.

Opposition  says power misuse

The opposition has given a strong reaction to the President about this move. Democrats said that they will challenge Trump’s move in the Supreme Court. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that declaring a national emergency is a redundant and lawless act. It is a gross misuse of the power of the President. The opposition has said that this is a frustrating step for Trump. On this reaction of the opposition, Sanders said that we are ready for any legal challenges. Sanders said that the President is doing his job and the Congress should do its job.

Trump threatened to declare an emergency one month ago

In the first week of January, after the meeting with senior Democrats, Trump threatened that he could declare a national emergency to build a wall on the Mexico border without the approval of the parliament. Then they urged Democrats to approve the fund to build a wall on Mexico border. This step of Trump is being seen as a strategy to put pressure on the Opposition to issue the necessary funds to the government to build a wall.

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