iPhone users have always had a problem that WhatsApp does not lock in their smartphone. There is also no WhatsApp Apps feature for Android, but there are dozens of third-party apps on the Play Store. Android users lock the Whatsapp app through these apps. This feature was not available for the iPhone, there are hardly some apps available on the app store that lock the Whatsapp app. But they can not be trusted.

To make this easier, WhatsApp has now brought the lock feature to iOS users. It has been released for all iOS users. If you use the iPhone then update your Whatsapp app from the App Store. The lock feature has been added to version 2.19.20.

WhatsApp lock works in two ways. Face ID and Touch ID, For Face ID Lock you must have a smartphone of iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. Touch ID can be unlocked by the model of iPhone that has the Touch ID.

To activate this new feature, first you need to update WhatsApp. After that go to WhatsApp settings and select Privacy. Here’s the last Screen Lock. Tapping here will see the Require Face ID / Touch ID option where there are four options. ‘Immediately’ is at the top of these options followed by 1 minute, 15 minutes and 1 hour option.

These options mean that you will want to keep WhatsApp as long as possible without lock. First of all, if you select the option, you will need Face ID or Touch ID to open the WhatsApp app. While the second option will be locked on WhatsApp after some time.

According to WhatsApp, if you have locked the WhatsApp app, even if a message appears in the notification then you can reply and read it without unlocking it. So you keep this in mind.
According to the report, similar features are also being tested for Android users. WhatsApp has done testing in India and this option will show you in WhatsApp. But this feature has not been officially launched, because Whatsapp still needs clearance from the government. Paytm and other companies have said that WhatsApp payment can not be secure, because there is no need to have a login ID password to open the WhatsApp app. This may also be a reason that WhatsApp has now brought the lock feature.

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