In an important news related to Indian workers and laborers working in Nepal. Now in Nepal, Indian workers will not be allowed to work without permit. The Nepal Government has made work permit mandatory for Indian citizens working in industries, companies and other institutions there. Nepal’s Labor and Occupational Safety Department on Wednesday issued orders to all the offices across the country and said that to tell the actual number of all the Indian workers working in different sectors of the country.

In the letter issued by the department, it said, “Indian workers in the companies will be examined and updated and if they do not have a work permit, then the institution will be informed to get their work permit.”
So far, under the special treaty in India and Nepal, Indian citizens did not need any permit in Nepal and vice-versa Nepali nationals to work in India.

This move of the Nepal Government is being seen as a step towards securing its open border with India.Last month Nepal National Bank had banned the Indian currency Rupee notes of 200, 500 and 2000 denomination. However, the Indian government did not give a formal reaction to this move of Nepal.

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