Students from IIT, NIT and B.Tech from general engineering college will now get the certificate of the engineer only after working only 2,000 hours. All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) is going to introduce professional engineers’ bill for this.

AICTE’s Vice Chairman, Dr. M.P. Punia, who arrived at Smart India Hackathon in Graphic Era said that the exit exam has been canceled. Instead, professional engineers’ bill will be more effective.

Overall, it will be necessary to work 2000 hours during BTech’s studies and after that. For example, if a student is studying civil engineering then they should be able to build a bridge.

When they will be eligible after working for such a long time, then the AICTE will certify them as an engineer. They will be given separate certificate which will be useful in their placement.

Colleges to be allotted seats on basis of faculty

AICTE has enacted a new rule to protect the falling credibility of engineering. Under this, the number of faculty in which private or government engineering college will be given in the same proportion as the number of teaching faculty.

So far, seats were distributed by the universities on a large scale in colleges, which will not run from the new session. AICTE Vice Chairman, Dr. MP Punia said that after this rule, permanent recruitment of teachers is being done in government engineering colleges of many states.

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