London’s doctors have succeeded in curing an AIDS patient completely. Doctors have claimed that the person who had HIV-resistant capability transplanted stem cells to the infected person to ‘Bone Marrow’, the person was cured. Doctors declared him AIDS free. This is the second time in the history of AIDS pandemic that a patient is cured of this deadly virus.

Stem cells transplanted three years ago

The patient named ‘London Patient’ was transplanted HIV-resistant stem cell nearly three years ago. Doctors stopped anti-retroviral medicines given to this youth about 19 months ago. Since then, no symptoms of HIV virus have been shown in the patient.

Special Genes Saves Life

The co-head of the HIV biologist team and Professor Ravindra Gupta of Cambridge University told that the patient had been diagnosed with HIV in 2003. In 2012, he started taking medicines to control the infection. Shortly after that, Hodgkin’s lymphoma blood cancer developed in the youth. In the year 2016, the patient was transmitted stem cells named Hematopoietic. It was taken from the person with the HIV resistant gene, named CCR5. Doctor Gupta told that anti-retroviral medicines were given for about 16 months after the bone marrow transplant. Since then, no virus has been shown in the body. They expressed the hope that this matter is proof that scientists will be able to wipe out AIDS from the whole world one day.

What is CCR5 Gene

The CCR5 gene is found in only 1 percent of the world’s population. This gene can eliminate HIV-1 virus entirely from the patient’s body. Like cancer, chemotherapy stops the cell that boosts HIV, but Immune Cell has emerged as a new hope in the life of the gene AIDS patients named CCR5.

The first patient was successfully treated in Berlin in 2007

This person is being called The London Patient (Patient of London). The case of this patient is similar to the first American man who has been formally released from the HIV virus. The person named Timothy Brown, who was known as Berlin Patient (patient of Berlin), also had similar treatment in the year 2007. Brown was first living in Berlin. After treatment, he went to the US and he is completely healthy today.

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