Dehradun, October 8
Uttarakhand BJP president BS Chuphal today charged Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna and the Congress with violating the model code of conduct by spending more than the expenditure limit allowed in the Tehri Lok Sabha byelection. He could have used this money for rehabilitation work in Uttarkashi and Ukhimath, he added.
While speaking at a press conference here today, Chuphal said the Congress had exceeded the expenditure limit of Rs 40 lakh per candidate announced by the Election Commission for the Tehri election. The Chief Minister had been saying that the state had no money but now he was spending crores of rupees on electioneering in Tehri. The Chief Electoral Officer should investigate the money spent on his 36 visits to Uttarkashi and Tehri when two helicopters were pressed into service for him and his ministers, said Chuphal.
He added in violation of the model code of conduct, the Chief Minister had been using his position and addressing state government employees in their offices. He had been urging the employees to vote for his son Saket Bahuguna. Even the Congress flag was put up at government offices, he said.
Chuphal accused the Chief Minister of failing to follow the principle of ‘raj dharma’ and neglecting the people of the state so as to ensure Saket’s victory in the Tehri byelection.
“All work has come to a standstill in the state as the Chief Minister is busy campaigning for his son. If this were not bad enough, the government failed to allocate the plan money for development activities in the state. All tender activities started by the BJP government have either been revised or reversed,” he said.
Later led by Chuphal, a delegation, including BJP leaders Satish Lakhera, Mukesh Mahindra and Balraj Passi, lodged a complaint with Chief Electoral Officer Radha Raturi against the Congress for violating the poll code.
Raturi said the matter would be investigated. She allayed the fear of the BJP leaders about bogus voting in the Tehri byelection.



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