Limited Entry for vehicles in Nainital

If you are planning to go to Nainital then read this news first. Vehicles in Nainital can no longer get easy entry in the city. After the collapse of the Lower Mall Road, a plan to stop the vehicular traffic from the city has been prepared to get rid of the disrupted traffic system. The vehicles coming from Haldwani Road will be stopped at Hanumangarhi, the vehicles coming fromBhowali Road will be halted at Toota Pathar and  Kaladungi on Barapathar post.
After this the vehicles will be sent to the city according to the convenience of five to five. Vehicles coming from Haldwani will be stopped at Hanumangarhi. After this, the roadways buses will be sent to the bus station as per the arrangement from there. Small vehicles will be sent to India Hotel, after a certain time, in a batch of five-five vehicles.
Similarly, vehicles coming from Bhowali Road will be stopped at the Tootapathar and will be sent at in the interval of five vehicles at a time, to  bus stop and India hotel from Lower Mall Road. Ten vehicles from India Hotel will be sent from the Mallital at appointed time. When these vehicles will exit from Mallital Rickshaw Stand, then the next ten vehicles from India Hotel will be sent after a fixed interval.
Similarly, a maximum of ten vehicles will be sent to the Tallital via masjid trijunction. When the vehicle reaches the Raj Bhavan trijunction, the other ten vehicles will be sent from the mosque trijunction. Vehicles coming from Kaladungi Road will be stopped at Barapathar post if the pressure of the vehicles is high. At all places, the police force will be deployed with handsets. Supervisor in-charge Mallital, police in charge Tallital and sub-inspector traffic will ensure implementation of the traffic plan.
CO City will also supervise periodically. Citizens and tourists have been appealed to minimize the use of private vehicles till the repair work of Lower Mall Road is complete. ASP Harish Chandra Sati told that the vehicles should bot be parked roadside from Upper Mall Road, Masjid Trijunction, DSB Gate to Raj Bhavan Road and Tallital.

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