With the revenue loss in the goods and services tax (GST) system, Uttarakhand will demand a share in GST services. Preparations are being made to send a proposal to the GST Law Committee for this. GST has increased the tax collection in the state of Uttarakhand by nearly 80 percent, but all tax is going out in the form of CGST and IGST.
On the Chardham tour every year, lakhs of travelers from outside states come to visit. From Delhi, booking a taxi for the Chardham. The Uttarakhand tax on these services is of no use. Rather, the state in which taxis are booked, that state gets the tax. Similarly, tourists coming for adventure tourism also book packages from companies from outside states. The state is not getting the tax on the booking of adventure tour.

In view of this, the government has taken up this matter in front of Union Finance and Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adia, who recently visited Uttarakhand. The central secretary advised to keep the case in front of the GST Law Committee. In such a situation, the government will now demand a share in tax on services coming under GST. It is being prepared to send the proposal.

20 thousand crore tax collected from GST till now

There are 1.55 lakh traders registered in GST. After the GST was implemented in comparison to the VAT, the rate of tax collection has increased 80 percent in the state. So far, tax of 20 thousand crores has been collected from GST in the state, but half of the tax collected in part of the state has not even come. The tax collected from the state is being deposited in CGST and IGST. The advantage of this is going to the states which are using the product.

Most of the passengers who travel on Chardham Yatra are booking taxis from outside states. Uttarakhand is not getting any revenue. The govt has put this matter in front of the Central Finance Secretary. The proposal will be sent to the GST Law Committee to give a share to Uttarakhand in the tax on GST services.

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