Drivers, operators and 24 passengers were injured by falling boulder from the hill on the roadways bus from Pithoragarh to Lucknow. Of these, a passenger Ganesh Singh, a Pithoragarh resident, is in serious condition. The injured included a Jharkhand resident ITBP personnel. Driver, Operator and 14 injured passengers were given primary treatment on the spot. Ten injured persons are being treated at the district hospital.

On Thursday morning, the bus number UK 07 PA 2850 left for Lucknow with 33 passengers from Pithoragarh depot . A boulder rolled by a mountain near the Matela fell on the bus. A few seconds later, another boulder hit the back of the bus. This caused 26 people, including driver, conductor to be injured. Many passengers suffered severe injuries in the head. Workers engaged in road construction on the spot took out the passengers trapped inside the bus.

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