Uttarakhand’s natural beauty is mesmerising Bollywood, continuous big budget films are being shot here. Now Shahrukh Khan, is coming to explore the possibility of shooting this month. If he likes the location here, his film may soon be shot.

The news of King Khan coming to Uttarakhand this month itself was given by the Chief Minister during the inauguration program of ROB. Shahrukh Khan’s proposed visit to Uttarakhand is seen as a success for the state government because it was initiated by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat himself.

In fact, the government is pushing for setting up Uttarakhand as a film destination. The Government believes that this dream is not possible without shooting the film scenes with big superstars in Uttarakhand. In this episode, big superstars in Uttarakhand are being invited to film scenes. So that the world can be see the natural beauty of Uttarakhand. This will also boost tourism.

In this regard, CM Trivendra Singh Rawat said that our effort is to make Uttarakhand as a film destination. Under this, many superstars including Rajinikanth, Shahid Kapoor, John Abraham have already shot films in Uttarakhand. At the same time, Shahrukh Khan will also reach Dehradun at the end of this month. If there is a decision on Shah Rukh Khan’s film, it will be a great achievement for the state.

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