देहरादून: उत्तराखंड एसटीएफ और एंटी ड्रग्स टास्क फोर्स की ओर से रुद्रपुर उधमसिंहनगर में नशे के विरुद्ध बड़ी कार्रवाई की गई है। दोनों टीमों ने संयुक्त रूप से 160 ग्राम हेरोइन बरेली के तस्कर से बरामद की है। एन्टी ड्रग्स टास्क फोर्स की ओर से बरेली का ड्रग डीलर रनवीर गंगवार गिरफ्तार किया गया। बरेली से स्मैक की सप्लाई करने वाले तस्कर रियासत की तलाश अब भी जारी है।

नशा तस्कर रिज़वान व उसके गैंग की स्पेशल टास्क फोर्स उत्तराखंड की ओर से पूर्व में गिरफ्तारी की जा चुकी है। उसकी करीब एक करोड़ की अवैध संम्पत्ति भी फ्रीज की जा चुकी है। एसएसएपी एसटीएफ देवभूमि उत्तराखंड में अपराधियों में खौफ का दूसरा नाम बन रहे हैं। केवल उत्तराखंड ही नहीं, एसटीएफ देश के दूसरे राज्यों में जाकर भी अपराधियों पर नकेल कस रही है।

एसटीएफ लगातार नशे, अवैध हथियार और साईबर अपराधियों पर शिकंजा कस रही है। आईपीएस अजय सिंह ने जब से एसएसपी एसटीएफ की कमान सम्भाली है, तब से लेकर आज तक एसटीएफ लगातार अपराधियों पर शिकंजा कसती आ रही है। अब तक कई बड़े अपराधियों को गिरफ्तार किया जा चुका है।

The post उत्तराखंड : ड्रग्स माफिया पर बड़ी कार्रवाई, लाखों की हेरोइन के साथ तस्कर गिरफ्तार first appeared on Khabar Uttarakhand News.


  1. The Drugs business can be outsourced to the Goan Pandoo Chor Matka Chaddhi Chor Police !

    The Goan Drug Model is the best in the world.dindooohindoo

    Step 1

    Nigerian,Russian,Georgian and Israeli Drug Lord have licensed beaches, where NO INDIAN can ENTER and they sell drugs to THEIR OWN on credit or barter (which is sex or courier services).The Pandoo Police does NOT ENTER these no entry zones.

    But this is also there, in Pattaya – so there is not too much innovation here

    Step 2

    They have THEIR DRUG STASHES, in part, seized by the Goan Pandoo Police – which stocks them in the ANC (Anti-Narcotics Cell) Godowns.Now the beauty is that it is under the ORDER OF THE COURT (whose Judges know nothing about drugs)– but in the possession of the PANDOO as the Court has no facility or skill to stock the drugs

    Then what ?

    Then the Goan Pandoo Police – STEALS the DRUGS from the ANC Godowns – and sells it back, to the same Drug Dealers.The Goan Courts have NO CLUE as they are high on Fenee.Y do the Russians and Israelis do this ? Simple – for the Impotent Goan Pandoo Police to show PERFORMANCE and for the corrupt Goan Media to show balance in reportage (as they are on the mafia payroll)

    The Drug Dealers get the drugs back at low rates,and they save on the cost of storage,and also hafta to police,as they do STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT,from the Police.In another twist,the Dealers get drugs of a higher grade and quality,than WHAT THEY ALLOWED TO BE SEIZED,by the Pandoo Police.So the Dealers save on the procurement costs from the SILENT FORESTS or for imported Cocaine

    This is pure Management excellence

    Step 3

    The Pandoos DO NO SURPRISE CHECKS OF THE DRUGS STOCKS.For several years, there was no meeting of the DDC – Drugs Destruction Committee in Goa – and so, that gives the Police an EXCUSE TO STEAL MORE, and REPLACE the same,with impure drugs – claiming natural contamination by rain and heat ,or that rats ate it ! The longer the time for stock checks and DDC,the more the opportunity to steal,replace and barter the drugs.

    The Pandoo Police and Pandoo Courts have NO CLUE, about the Stock of Drugs, held in custody,by type,ageing,quality,condition,location and the persons w.r.t whom, they relate,as under:

    o Type – MDMA, brown sugar, cocaine, ganja, ecstasy ,LS Liquid, LSD Paper,Ketamine,Amphetamine,Charas,DMT,Heroin etc
    o Location of drugs storage
    o Department – ANC as well as others
    o Persons – Accused from whose possession they were collected
    o Packaging – Packets, Bags etc with seals/markings etc

    Even the Pandoos of the Goa Police who do the physical verification of drugs, have no technical or forensic skills to verify the drugs ageing,quality and exact quantity.

    Even when DDC meets and destroys drugs there is no forensic test and tapes of the destroyed material, and thus,the pure drugs, go back to the cartels – and what is burnt is chalk and junk drugs ! dindooohindoo

  2. Step 4

    The Russians and others use only foreigners as intermediaries and POS are Indian weasels.Foreigners wil get deported and will spend minimal time in jail.In addition, the Drug Lords GET dealers and users CAUGHT by the Pandoo – and then broker their release – via the Pandoo Police who take a bribe,which is shared
    with the Pandoo Police

    This ensures performance of the Pandoo Police,and an INDUCED fear among dealers and users,to obey the diktats of the drug mafia – to whom beach security,is OUTSOURCED,by the Goan Pandoo Police

    Then we come to the Goan Media which is known for extortion like Herald Goa from Casino Pride


    The Drug Dealers use their contacts in legit outfits (where drugs are used),id.est.,resorts to place adverts,in the media.When that fails,they contact the media agencies to bribe media.And when that fails,they use the Pandoo Police to pay off the media

    Till a few years ago,the Goan Chor Media used to carry Matka adverts and Matka Tips in the Newspapers

    Step 5

    Then we have to wash the cash.The Indians are secure – but the Russians and others have to find other ways.Each Drug Lord has his own ways.Nigerians use Couriers.Russians use PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT in GOA.Israelis do IMPORT AND EXPORT.All under the nose of the Goa State and Indian Customs.

    Property development is buying a Rs 100 crore land for 20 crores in wire and rest in cash.Then Construction – overstate and recover the cash paid (at the time of land purchase).Then sell the flats to Russians at inflated rates with loans from foreign banks – and ensure that the overstated construction costs – and its depreciation offsets the profits.Then sign a property management contract with the flat owners to rent and manage the flats.Then invite Russians to rent these flats – where drug and sex flow – just like the Garden of Eden !

    And then after a few years,use the Property Management company to do another LAND ACQUISITION.

    This is called the Property Management Business

    This is the Goa Drug Model , which the NCB has not been able to crack.This is the land when the 400 year old dead body of a EU national is kept alive as a Living God.What to do with these clowns ?

    Can this Drug Magic happen in Goa , w/o the connivance of the Netas,Church AND THE 1ST LAYER OF THE GOAN JUDICIARY ? The Police are Thieves and Sons of Harlots – that we all know

    It is only a matter of time that ISIS or Qaeda will use the Drug network – and I will be lying,if I said that,I did not want it

  3. There is only 1 Drug Paradise in India !

    The land of the Goan Fenee Limpet Limpdicks

    Drugs in Cuckoo Fenee Land of Goa

    The Success of the Goan Fenee Drug Model is that the price of coke has falled by 50% to Rs 3500/gm while the price of diesel/food/beer/sex has gone up - May Moses and Jesus bless Dudu,Atila and the Nigerians (Drugs and Beer is proof that the Lord wants you to be happy at the lowest cost)

    Let Your Dreams Go WILD!

    The pathetic state of affairs is such - that the 10 Types of Drugs are now available in the Schools of the Goan Konkani Ghatis – which is the worth of the Goan Police and the Konkani Nigglets

    https://www. heraldgoa.in/Goa-News/Goa- News/Opposition-floors- government-on-drug- availability-in-schools/ 127242.html

    All the Goan Students in Schools are inspired by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs,who took LSD on a trip to Goa as a Backpacker

    Let us meet Mr Atala - the Israeli Drug Kingin in Goa Fenee Land and his views on the Goan Police (who jumped bail and escaped)

    https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=47uTOPRsHnc& feature=youtu.be

    Then we have Mr Dudu - also an Israeli Drug Dealer with the following USP ((who was acquitted by the Court)

    https:// timesofindia.indiatimes.com/ city/goa/CBI-registers-case- against-Dudu-police-drug- nexus/articleshow/ 8956749. cms?referral=PM

    He set up a company called Dudu Division Import Export Private Limited
    He came to Goan Fenee Land on a Business Visa for Drug Pushing.dindooohindoo
    He even challenged an order of deportation and a "Leave India Notice",of the limpet GOI and won !


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