हल्द्वानी: सब्जी की कीमतों में उछाल के बाद सब्जी मंडी में ग्राहक अब कम ही नजर आ रहे हैं। आढ़ती बताते है की मंडी भाव में ही इतना उछाल आ गया है की थोक में खरीदने की भी गुंजाइश नही बची। टमाटर 60 रुपये प्रति किलो बिक रहा है, तो प्याज़ 45 से 50 रुपये, बीन भी 80 रुपये किलो से कम नहीं। पेट्रोल के दाम भी 100 के पार पहुंच चुके हैं।

लिहाज़ा दुकानदार भी करे तो क्या करे, जो सब्ज़ी पहले 1 किलो तक खरीदी जाती थी वो आज पाव भर या आधा किलो खरीद कर गुज़ारा करना पड़ रहा है। दुकानदारों के मुताबिक पीछे से भी माल कम ही आ रहा है, जो थोड़ा गुंजाइश बची है वो शादी के सीजन ने पूरी कर दी है। क्योंकि शादी वाले घर हर कीमत पर सब्ज़ी खरीदने को तैयार है।

उन्होंने उम्मीद जताई है की शादी का सीजन निपटने के बाद सब्ज़ी की उछली कीमतें थोड़ा कम हो सकती है जिससे थोड़ा राहत मिल सकती है। मैदानी इलाकों से आने वाली सब्जियां भी कम होने लगी हैं। जब तक नई सब्जियां बाजार में नहीं आयेंगी, तब तक आपको सब्जी खरीदने के लिए जेब ढीली करनी पड़ेगी।

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  1. This is what happens when a son of a randi or a ayah is the PM. DEMO + GST + GALWAN + PULWAMA + COVID + PRICE OF DIESEL AND PETROL AND NOW PRICE OF TOMATO AND ONIONS
    Besides, he is a Gujarati – who are also called Bastards in the Mahabharata ! dindooohindoo

    The Mahabharata , Book 8: Karna Parva ,Section 45

    The Pancalas observe the duties enjoined in the Vedas; the Kauravas observe truth; the Matsyas and......; the Saurashtras are bastards.

    Blunders are a way of life with Narendra Modi – the Tea Vendor PM Of India – whose mother Was a dishwasher.He correlates his mother with Ho Chi Minh who was a dishwasher in London.

    Throughout Indian History – when men w/o pedigree,have ruled over India – they have destroyed India immediately thereafter.They all thought they were special,and from the grass roots.This is a apocalyptic trait peculiar to Hindoos – akin to that of a suicide cult.dindooohindoo

    To hide over the “shame of their birth and upbringing” and the “vicious physical and mental torture” as children – these Indian Kngs (men w/o pedigree) “gravitated to extreme forms of menial thought and cruelty” – ignoring all sage counsel – as they felt empowered,as a sign of courage and fortitude,in the face of adversity and pressures (Like the Kashmir disaster by Modi).It is a perversity of the Stoics of Yore – who see their unflinching resolve,in the face of doom,as a karmic salvation,and a sign of courage.

    The Blunders of the Chaiwala – which you will not read in the media – as the media is owned by Banias,and operated by Brahmins – a race of servile slaves and cowards.

    The Chronicles of Narendra (Narnia Chaiwala) Modi

    Make in India = Total Disaster.
    Defense Manufacturing in India = Total Disaster.
    Demonetisation = Total Disaster.
    Space = Disaster.
    ISRO Chandrayaan has doomed all hopes.The problem of the Hindoo – 1 low brain ASAT hit and they start dreaming and jay walking.All the effect of Gau Mut-ram
    Employment = Disaster.Destruction of all SME and Unorganised Jobs – FOREVER.
    GST = destroyed all that was left of the SME, after the Demo
    IAF = Disaster.IAF completely destroyed by the PAF.The IAF took the advice of Modi (stealth in Cloud cover).They did not send the best fighter jets against the PAF – Why ? How did 6 PAF, F-16s cross the Indian ADS (in daylight) and almost kill the Indian Army Chief and GOC-in-C Northern Command (and all escaped the Indian ADS on the way back,and the Indian ADS shot down its own Chopper)
    Banking = Doomed.NPA is at least 400 Billion USD in the organised sector – RBI is defrauding the nation,by hiding and lying w.r.r. the NPA/Fraud cases,so that the corporates can cheat other banks and NBFCs and Co-operatives.
    Impending DEFUNDING – AFTER RBI has circulated the credit NPAs and Fraud accounts, across the Indian public (by hiding their names,and allowing them to hoodwoink depositors and bankers),one fine day,INDIANS WILL BE ASKED TO FORFEIT A % OF ALL BANK DEPOSITS and GOI investments – to finance this credit fraud distribution – JUST LIKE THE US SUB PRIME PLAN !
    MUDRA loans are 150 Billion USD of which at least 40% will disappear.Then there is the informal banking disaster (NBFC/Chit Funds etc.).
    Kashmir – DISASTER
    GDP – MINUS 24% is a lie.Exclude the Govtt sector from GDP and the decline will be 65%.When a Govtt company produces goods and pays GST – it is just a transfer pricing of taxes.If Private sector dies for 9 months – at least the SME and Unorganised part,will NEVER return.How will the GOI earn revenue BESIDES TAXING FUEL,NICTOTINE AND ALCOHOL (and exporting Cow piss cola) ?
    The Trinity of Doom – DEMO + GST + COVID LCOKDOWN ! Covid has nailed the coffin – forever.
    Crowning glory is the GALWAN AND PRC Disaster. Chinese will not spare Modi or India – it is the Pure Mongol DNA of the Northern Chinese.They will annihilate India.


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