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Stone fell on the car, hair - hair remaining youth

Friday, August 03, 2012 12:01 AM
Jury (Shimla). NH jury Mnglad going through the stone suddenly fell from the hill on a car. In the event the bandwagon of three young children - were shot. A young man Hlti injuries, while two are reported safe.
According to HP the car number last night around 11 pm -63-0859 the jury was going to Rampur. As the car reached the hill suddenly Mnglad big - larger stones started falling. Some stones on the bonnet of the car and landed on the back. Broken glass and stones from the front of the car through the car park was closed. In the event the driver Kailash, Sunil and Vicky hair - hair escaped. No injuries have been two slight injuries, but to Vicky. If the road out of the car could be in the Sutlej river. The men informed the police jury. Jury's main police station confirmed the incident Gopal Singh. Vicky said that the injuries were mild.

The BJP government announcements: Stokes

Friday, August 03, 2012 12:01 AM
Tiyog (Shimla). Tiyog was organized in the Congress. Their own representatives on the occasion Leader of the Opposition Vidya Stokes won the hat and shawl. Tiyog area twice in the polls have been running the program returns to Rajendra Verma's Congress was held. On this occasion, District Council members hope the return of Rajendra Kanwar said the Congress party would be strengthened. District spokesman Brahmananda Sharma said the Congress party and the opposition leader to unite all Sdsyoen won by an overwhelming vote by the large is to occupy the post.Chairman of the Board of Trade on the occasion Cell Dev Sharma, District Rural Secretary Veena Thakur, State Secretary, Karuna Thakur, Vice President Suresh Thakur, Roshan Thakur, Jai Prakash Verma, senior Congress Sita Ram Sharma, Chet Ram Sharma, general secretary Avtar Singh Hans Yukan, the Np Deputy White Heta, imagine Kanwar, INTUC president Kishan Kanwar, former Beedisi Mahog panchayat member Naresh Thakur, as Ram Sharma, Vijay Paul Khachi PCC members also attended by nearly two hundred workers of the Congress.
Hitting out at BJP, the BJP government just announced. Shimla district in the development of all is the result of Congress.
These public representatives honored
Loken center of Dharmpur Chandel, Shilaru Sandeep Sharma, Rohit Verma with stale Tiyog, Dharmpur the Vaneeta Thakur, Bradha from Nitin Verma, vice-chairman Vivek Thapar Mtyana the Np, Sumitra Chandel, hope among passengers about fifty people from the opposition to the cap and shawl awarded to the leader.
Remember when former City Council president
Activists in the former City Council president Carykrram Tiyog self. Kapil Joshi miss. Self on the spot. Vidya Stokes Kapil Joshi, Rajendra Verma, including all the people for their souls and the two-minute silence. Leader of the Opposition said that the lack of a party activist will be misses.

The driver was later sentenced to three years
Tioeg (Shimla).At that time, the driver of the bus stand near Hotel Apple Crown Kotkhai Reena Chauhan a woman was hit by a car.DSP Sagar Chand Sharma has confirmed this.

Tiyog - Hatkoti street jam
Tiyog (Shimla). Tiyog dandy of a truck on the road got worse jam. The police opened the jams. Tiyog SHO Baldev Thakur said the police department to deal with the jam is bent. Meanwhile, local residents said Sood Yashpal Tiyog the day come through the street, but as soon as light rain falls on Water Street in the middle of the road. The smaller heavy vehicles passing through the impairment. The Public Works Department has appealed to quickly drains.


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